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Of all of the projects I have worked on, this is one of the longest. I wrote nearly a complete "book" on DMVs before I was sick of the project because it just felt wrong. So, I gave up, and the editor (Tony Davis, editor of my 2005 DB Design Book), Tim Ford and myself sat down at the 2008 PASS conference in front of the Subway and decided to have another go.
What followed was almost 2 years of a grueling love-hate relationship with a book that we struggled to produce, though my hip surgery, lots of SQL Saturdays, another PASS, and finally in October 2010, the book had completed the gestation period and it is now released. Looking back on the project, I can state with some complete certainty the quote I told Tim before we got started. "It is wonderful to have written a book."
You can find more information about the book on Red-Gate's Website here: (with links to purchase from Amazon on the site).
Suffice it to say that in my eyes, this is the first book I have worked on where you can get immediate results. The queries alone (without any of the text) are worth the price of the book. And Tim and I did our best to fill in the gaps where it can be tricky to use the DMVs since some of the documentation can be sparse at best, and at worst really confusing to the uninitiated. Hopefully you will enjoy the book to inverse levels to how Tim and I enjoyed writing it...